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Many of our Temple members understand the value of building our membership base. She also knows that some members have financial situations that make it difficult to fully pay for a Pledge membership at this time. As a result, this member has provided $1,000 to subsidize Pledge Memberships for those who are interested in joining the Temple but don’t have the money to do so.

If you are interested in becoming a Pledge Member and would like help with a part or all of the Pledge amount, please complete a membership form and indicated how much assistance you would like.

This is wonderful example of “paying it forward” and shows how fortunate we are to have Members who provide such terrific support for our Temple.

March 2010



Why is membership important?

Pay your membership dues online.

Becoming a member is critical to the long-term success of our Temple. It shows that you choose to become a part of our Temple community. It reflects your interest in us as a Buddhist organization and that you have decided to make the Temple a part of your life.

Becoming a member of the Temple starts with a membership application. If you are not yet a member or are not sure if you are one, please fill out a membership form linked here or located in the Temple lobby and give it to Donna Inouye, our Temple Administrator. A list of current members is posted in the Temple lobby next to the front door.

Along with your membership form, we ask that you pay your Member dues. Beginning January 2018, Membership dues are $360 per adult per year; family household memberships of $720 include children through their college years. For young adults who are not included in a family membership, have graduated from high school but are younger than age 25, the suggested pledge amount is $120 per person.

Members receive certain benefits through the TS/DBT and Buddhist Churches of America (BCA). A list of benefits is also available in the brochure rack in the Temple lobby and through the Temple office. We welcome you to the Tri-State/Denver Buddhist Temple!

Feel free to contact us or call the Temple at 303-295-1844.


Membership Fund Information 


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