Tri-State Buddhist Temples Centennial Endowment and Renovation Project

"In gratitude we remember, with mindfulness we continue."

Why Are We Raising Funds?

The answer is simple: We are raising funds to pay heed to the second half of the theme stated above, "....with mindfulness we continue."  This shared theme from the 90th Anniversary Celebration and the Centennial Endowment and Renovation Project represents an implicit promise to those who worked hard to build and maintain our Jodo Shinshu Temples - A promise that we, who benefit now from their efforts, will strive to preserve and grow these institutions.

The Centennial Fund Raising Committee, acting at the behest of the TS/DBT Board of Directors, is working proactively to raise funds for the following reasons:

  • To continue to have functioning temples in which to host services, funerals, weddings, and other community and education events.  we must acknowledge that our buildings are aging and need a variety of repairs and important maintenance. Unfortunately, we cannot rely only on the regular dues and pledges that are applied to our day-to-day operational costs.  Repairs and enhancements are planned for several TS/DBT structures including Longmont, Ft. Lupton, and Denver.  Others will be considered as well.  In addition, it is important to consider building a Columbarioum (Nokotsudo) to provide an alternative resting place for ashes and urns. Other important building enhancements are also planned.
  • To maintain the financial health necessary to build a strong network of Jodo Shinshu Temples and Sanghas. For some time, the TS/DBT has suffered from cost overruns consequential to conducting Tri-State activities. Despite the yearly Sakura Matsuri, and the payment of membership pledges and dues by Sangha members, these cost overruns must be covered by the investment earnings from the Tri-State Endowment Fund. However, this endowment must be recharged if the revenue it generates is to continue to make up for budget shortfalls.
  • To develop exciting and dynamic Buddhist educational and religious programs. Overall, TS/DBT membership levels have decreased or, at best, have stagnated. Without an engaged membership, the Temples cannot survive. Ironically, interest in Buddhism in the United States is on the rise. To take advantage of the increased interest in Buddhism and to meet the fundamental challenges of membership, relevant and leading-edge programs must be developed. A portion of the funds will go to these cultural and religious programs.

This is a call to action.  If you value and want to preserve these Jodo Shinshu institutions for the future, then you need to act now.

We are asking that you do one or both of the following:

  • Contribute funds.  This is the simplest and most direct way to help this program succeed. Write a check to "TS/DBT" and mark it for the "Centennial Fund."
  • Contact a member of the Fund Raising Committee and become involved. If you have fund raising ideas or can help with other parts of this project, we need you. 

Financial Goals/Use of Proceeds

The Fund Raising Committee has determined that if capital funds in the amount of $600,000 can be raised, the Endowment increased by another $400,000 (and earn an average of 7% interest and dividends), and the TS/DBT membership increased by 187 members over time, a financial equilibrium will be reached. This is the financial goal that we believe will help ensure the future of all the Temples in the Tri-State region.

So, the overall monetary goal of the Centennial Endowment and Renovation Project is $1,000,000.  This sum will be distributed as follows:

  • $400,000 - Endowment Enhancement
  • $200,000 - Building Issues
  • $100,000 - Columbarioum/Nokotsudo
  • $300,000 - Altar/Onaijin

Please note that the above goals can be adjusted in response to changing conditions and varying needs.

For details on each of the areas listed above, please see the fund raising plan on the TS/DBT website or contact one of the Fund Raising Committee members.

Fund Raising Activities

Several fund raising activities have already occurred (Casino Night, Dharma School Carnival), and many of the TS/DBT affiliated organizations have contributed. Other activities are planned for the next year.

Each pledge/dues paying member will also be contacted to become involved in this project in one form or another.  It is that important. 

Contacting the Fund Raising Committee

If you have questions or want to become involved, please contact Gary Yamashita, 303-410-0124,

BCA Fund Raising Campaign

Although the Centennial Endowment and Renovation Project is strictly a TS/DBT fund raising project, it is our sincere hope that members will continue to contribute to the BCA Campaign. Paying for the Jodo Shinshu Center and the programs of the BCA will assure that we continue to have access to qualified ministers in the future and that B CA programs will continue to be available to members.