Temple Plans Construction of Nokotsudo

The recently formed Nokotsudo Committee is pleased to convey the Temple’s decision to build a new Nokotsudo. It has been a long-time goal of the Temple to create an expanded, formal Nokotsudo. It was designated as a project of the Centennial fundraising effort started several years ago to which many Tri-State/Denver Buddhist Temple members and friends have contributed.

Did you know that the Denver Temple currently houses a Nokotsudo (columbarium)?

A Nokotsudo is a special area for the storage of ashes of loved ones. Urns are placed in individual niches. There is an altar within the nokotsudo where family members may offer incense and flowers in a quiet setting.

The current Nokotsudo’s confined space does not allow for services to be conducted or for family and friends to visit. The new nokotsudo, which was designed by Temple members, will be built in the apartment space behind the auditorium stage. The expanded space and design will allow for services and visitation/meditation in a place of serenity.

As a Temple member, you may choose the Nokotsudo as your final resting place; as a Temple family, you may choose the Nokotsudo as your final family gathering place. Although construction is not yet complete (target completion date is 2015), Temple members may reserve niche(s) immediately so that the space is available when needed.

The Nokotsudo Committee members have carefully considered and discussed the many aspects of purpose, procedure and continuity of housing a Nokotsudo. Your decision to commit an eternity in the Nokotsudo no doubt creates many more questions than can be answered in a single newsletter article. Fortunately, each committee member is dedicated to providing you with information and forward-thinking ideas. They will continue to disburse information through mailings, Sunday service announcements, newsletter articles and Sodan (funeral planning) meetings. Meanwhile, you are encouraged to take the initiative and reach out to individual committee members – each is available to meet with you privately and at your convenience to discuss your options.

The Tri-State/Denver Buddhist Temple Nokotsudo Committee:

Steve Nitta, Charles Ozaki, Dennis Ioka, Randy Sasaki, Rebecca Steinebrey, Gail Ida, Joni Sakaguchi, Gary Yamashita, Gary Matsuda, Kelly Yamasaki, Donna Inouye

Nokotsudo Donations/Payments

The nokotsudo is a special area for the storage of ashes of loved ones. The nokotsudo is being built by generous donations of Sangha members.

As always, please feel free to utilize checks in person; the web payment option is offered for those who wish to use it!

[Find also the Nokotsudo Agreement Form below.]

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